Tuesday, March 7, 2017

POEM: "My Indian Restaurant"

My Indian Restaurant

My Indian restaurant
finally got around
to oiling the back door
beautiful action
the ragas morning
the ragas evening
it's quite irregular
but me none yet knows
served another helping
how much appetite remains
Krishna to Arjuna
victor upon this plain
popular fella
hell has three gates
give them up
pay at the counter and leave

© 2017 Rob Schackne

Monday, March 6, 2017

POEM: "Grimace (Take 2)"

Grimace (Take 2)

One more lesson
don’t daydream in taxis
shenanigans everywhere
especially where I sit
the world senses
the gravity
of the situation
high jinks in cahoots
with the setting sun
car tyres burning
a film still in production
leave your phone on the seat
your expat groceries
the expensive umbrella
the new laptop
your new haircut
never coming back
she’s still shouting in
the back of some other taxi

© 2017 Rob Schackne

Sunday, March 5, 2017

POEM: "Several Moments Of Intensity"

Several Moments Of Intensity

Several moments of intensity
anytime in the next 7 years
before squirrels lose their paws
and the Milky Way waltzes away
like before a canvas or a page
we'll come and go together
this masterpiece of love
picture a harmonious display
an astronomers' party with stars
a helium balloon to lift us up
you'll be on time for once
and I'll be racing to catch you
when we leave this planet laughing

© 2017 Rob Schackne

Saturday, March 4, 2017

POEM: "In The Crackle Of Dreams"

In The Crackle Of Dreams

In the crackle of dreams
the swirl of the sore heart
guns be fired everywhere
let it never be anyone here
there is not, or me, children
after a street scene, a battle
that didn't end all battles
there is not, shit on a wall
a future happening, or tyres
they're burning like leaves
or the personal bullets, I run
the shells ripped up like the sun
the night I was losing my mind
god, we go anywhere we can.

© 2017 Rob Schackne

Friday, March 3, 2017

POEM: "We Do Love Each Other Feast"

We Do Live Each Other Feast

Believe it now you writing
my eye and body the same
please translate this for me
rock a meditation till it sleep
the word coming at speed
yes that when I love it
prayer flag and prayer wheel
watch a drop of butterfly
charmed thing inoculated
(but let's no talk of blood)
the fighter be the artist
she live along the battlefield
she fight for other not herself
how the wizard still love you
see I let compassion flow
we go on this last few minute
we do live each other feast
sunset softing on the meadow
this world still unchanging
that all I have tonight
genius this to figure out

© 2017 Rob Schackne