Thursday, December 22, 2011

POEM: "Towards An Aesthetics Of Being Here"

Towards An Aesthetics Of Being Here
                                                               for Will Knox

First, the tunnel metaphor will favor you too
If the desperate sides be avoided, estrangement
From all we were never invited to understand;
A sometimes unstately progress through
The peppery knowledge that we don't belong.

Then, unwelcome, untie that hurt from our own hurt;
There is no skirmish that is worth the battle
That lost the war. We’re survivors, not soldiers.
You will leave the brothers to fight each other
And pick an artful way through the darkness.

When, untouched by ignorance, insult & deceit
We emerge at last in daylight on the other side
And looking back…but no, we will never look back
At the unhappiness we did not cause, nor the pain
We did not stop to answer. We were not saints.

© 2011 Rob Schackne

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