Monday, July 25, 2011

POEM: "Bill Evans, Village Vanguard 1961"

Bill Evans, Village Vanguard 1961

                                                        for Stu Rawlinson

Bill plays My Foolish Heart
What a bass line and what a piano
A smart melody beyond economics
(The cocktail glasses we can hear them)
What value could we ever add to it?                               

You wrote that she’s spread by atoms
In a club where strong drink is dealt
(Way too expensive) everybody hears
The manager when he falls over, what
If the atoms still demolish the carpet?

If what we do is love sweetheart come
Tell me there will be poems 10 years from now
Put your black hand back on my piano
Your word you will learn these words
And we will love until we both forget.

© 2011 Rob Schackne

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