Tuesday, February 18, 2014

POEM: "Goodbye LV"

Goodbye LV

               They do not know how one paysthose abroad do not know.
               They do not know what one buys, and at what price.

               Czesław Miłosz (1953)

Suppose I just pitch it
over the side...like that

beyond the floating curtains
past the toys on the table

Mustard seeds of grace
which everless we don't see

(all the foolish deviations
taking a long beating)

Buddha smoking something
congrats it looks like a joint
his argument is sustainable
but his method alas is extreme

I watch the wearied ones
down their rows of grease
gathering up their secrets
of a hundred traces of life

The queues are getting longer
starbucks is open for Miles Davis
vulture peak flies in from India
enlightenment is a foot away

Mid-autumn festival is over
unsold full-moon half-moon off
I don't know where China is
baby I live here in China.

© 2012 Rob Schackne

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