Saturday, April 13, 2013

An Evie Shockley Poem

the obsolete army

the obsolete army works with bayonets and horses
             the bayonets they dismantle for parts
             the horses they groom and set free in the newly opened pastures

the obsolete army has time on their wrists
             they take active duty in 8-hour shifts
             their watches are timepieces--they aren't expecting anyone

the obsolete army exercises every day
             they push-up the people who are closest to their dreams
             they pull-up those just getting off the ground

the obsolete army debates the value of war museums
             they know an unlocked world is the key to freedom 
             they know how close memorial is to mourning

the obsolete army is increasingly multi-lingual
             comment dit-on en francais: arabic is spoken here
             when they say tanks, they're practicing their patois

the obsolete army understands nostalgia
              they welcome the obsolete patriots carrying protest signs
              they provide tea, coffee, and athletic competitions

the obsolete army is open 24/7
             the privates promote the general welfare, even non-publicly
             you enter it yourself when you're most at peace

the obsolete army repurposes the obsolete words
             they donate collateral damage to the financial industry
             they apply infantry to the maternity wards' ever-renewing ranks


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