Tuesday, May 7, 2013

POEM: "A Short Letter To You"

A Short Letter To You

Gazing once again 
che minchia di lavoro
at the faces in the street 
in the bar at the restaurant 
bloody Starbucks or on the bus 
at the million faces this one 
certainly she is a fine poet 
he’s a dancer somewhere another poet 
that one a spy in another’s service 
over there a child filled with wonder 

but it’s a recalcitrant world 
you know none are actually that 
already the child is largely stunted 
the spy only spies on his neighbour 
the dancer stumbles everywhere 
and she who looks like your poet 
(yes the one who will be the poet 
this one who should serve us all) 
eventually only serves herself 
I know volcanoes don’t rest 
the sun shines the dread wind blows 
you wonder why I bother. 

© 2013 Rob Schackne 

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