Saturday, October 12, 2013

POEM: "On Turning Sixty Jesus"

On Turning Sixty Jesus

Counting positrons against the tide
As if to balance the oceans of this world
In directions likely to be better curled

Though accidents and near-accidents proved
A different physics it never stopped the climb
The jump the fight the poems the wrong ones
The desperadoes the women and the beasts

(Get everything you want & you still don’t have it)
Nearly killed me turning their horns my way
Horses snakes bugs diseases borne by air
By water times a hundred the swell looked on
Nodding there was really nothing left to do

But wait and watch the great idiot ride it out
The sun faded on the beach there were shells 
I barely saw the luck collected in the sand.

                                                     In the Year of the Snake

© 2013 Rob Schackne

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