Wednesday, December 18, 2013

POEM: "Greetings from Shanghai"

Greetings from Shanghai

                                               for Ron Slate

It seems we all write different stuff
That is, we process mostly the same
Stuff, but we process it differently
Let’s start this again…for le mot juste
I’ll give up food, sleep, a warm body
Lying sleeping but willing next to me
Money, health, my comfort, husbandry
Probably some other startling things
Like liberation from craving or wisdom
Or what passes today for modern sanity
I wouldn’t kill for it (I don’t think so)
Although given my human track record
Some people might disagree with that
About this need to make sense of a life
After long darkness the light flooding in
When we fool ourselves that we’re surprised
By all the justice, forbearance, and peace.

© 2013 Rob Schackne

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