Wednesday, April 30, 2014

PHOTO: "Marcello Mastroianni On The Set Of La Dolce Vita" / POEM: "Anyone Knows Any Better"

Anyone Knows Any Better

A deep thinker
exhales the smoke
from an unfiltered cigarette

I ask for their numbers
the women laugh at me
they whisper I walk away

escapades and epilogues
she lives there in a cloud
me ne frega un cazzo

enter the marketplace
secrets from her secrets
an itch that picks the heart

my dear friend Steiner
takes his children’s life
says bye-bye paparazzi

the house was bombed
like the way we ran away
and the debts we never repaid.

© 2014 Rob Schackne

Photograph: Arturo Zavattini /Solares Fondazione delle Arti (1960)

1 comment:

  1. Film buffs will recall these lines of Steiner's:

    "Sometimes at night the darkness and silence weighs upon me. Peace frightens me; perhaps I fear it most of all. I feel it is only a façade hiding the face of hell. I think, `What is in store for my children tomorrow?' `The world will be wonderful,' they say. But from whose viewpoint? If one phone call could announce the end of everything? We need to live in a state of suspended animation like a work of art, in a state of enchantment. We have to succeed in loving so greatly that we live outside of time, detached."

    Steiner is usually described as a weak intellectual, someone afraid of his convictions. Realistically of course, he is, as Fellini puts it, the very worst villain. I would however place him with Camus' anti-heroes, those who have far too much faith in their convictions, whose moral universe is without hope, whose despair over the human condition impels them towards nihilism -- and where the detachment leads not to love but to murder and suicide.

    Only my opinion.