Monday, May 19, 2014

POEM: "Taiko"

                              for Eleanor

Amaterasu is goddess of the sunlight (thank you)
Her brother Susanoo is god of the sea and storms

If you don’t know the tale (why should you?)
One day Brother gets into a snit starts storming

The cause approximate (after all these guys are gods)
The damage is so serious that Sister flees to a cave

This is sunlight (we’re talking the absence thereof)
Other gods are worried because everything’s dying

Aunty (who looks like a feeble hag) is Ame no Uzume
Suggests to committee she actually knows what to do

Ame wades to the shore with a barrel of quality sake
Tears the top off it (has a big swig) starts to make a taiko

Begins to pound taiko like life depends on it (really does)
The gods on the beach dance their children of the drum

Meanwhile Sister Cave starts to get back the heartbeat
She finally emerges bringing light love good things etc.

The gods really fed up by now the brother's banished 
He dives underground (shadow gods tend to do this)

Brother’s anger took him out of circulation (thank you)
The drum won the day returned our sister's machine

You’re reading this now maybe we forget small things
Mean more than we think (yes remember it please.)

© 2014 Rob Schackne

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