Friday, June 13, 2014

POEM: "The Poetry Brothel"

The Poetry Brothel

                                            "da do-wah do-wah do-wah ditty 
                                             talk about the girls in New York City"

The poetry brothel is the place we work at
Nervous bodies come and sit for a few hours
We wear no clothes at all and we are fetching
Say outrageous things then watch them sweating
Tonight we write home “All is well. I have a job”

Ah, but to weave those new words into you
The recollected dialects of an uncountable people
No hesitation and lots of surprise here’s the thing
Nothing is more kind or blue or close or distant
When you join our lovely dreamy people at the bar

Shanghai, New York and Rotterdam observe
Friendly poets are the friendly whores are us

In the end nothing is more exciting than reality
Look, we can play anywhere, we’ll do anything!
(Not for fame exactly my dear but for love)

Many glorious moments shine in you

High feelings work beneath the waves
We'll dream you in any direction it takes
And guess what: tonight we're giving it away
Darling just come inside when you’re ready

The poetry brothel is where we usually are
The carols of our bodies are designed to please
We dance alot (good sex is always a possibility)
You jump up from the table and start to shake it
Maybe later you write “All is well. I have a home.”

© 2014 Rob Schackne

Le Bain Turc, by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, 1862

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