Friday, September 26, 2014

PHOTO: Gil Roth, "Le Silence" / POEM: "First Day In The Afterlife"

First Day In The Afterlife

Don't get around much any more

(I might not get around at all)
silenced with a middle finger
waiting to do nothing more than
live a life, write, fight, then fuck off
(the Silenus kicks over a few chairs
and he quickly gallops away)

"...reality scarier than science fiction
he says pushing against the storm
crashing rain, the deck is non-negotiable
the din of wind is furious, others below
with their smokes and bottles play cards
betting both ends against the middle"

My first day in the Afterlife

I have an horrible hangover, also 
an idea almost on the verge of memory
there was a victory, yes, the plan worked
very few casualties, the flag, the wind etc.
but I'm an eagle now and when I fly over
all is silent, beautiful, covered in trees

One streaks past 
— then another one fast
I wonder what they are, what they do
so many of them zipping from yes to no
the speed means I need to slow down now
it's the Afterlife after all, they shout at me
pause it, restart, look closely, look again
and watch it happening for the first time.

© 2014 Rob Schackne

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