Thursday, May 5, 2016

POEM: "Adventures Of An Incognito"

Adventures Of An Incognito

                                                for Andrew Duguid

Prestidigitator, smoke and shaman
Out of the shadows, from the outside
Carter, butcherman, cowboy, business
Of poetry and slide, the sun is setting
When the flocks of birds wheel away
Never was a man so incognito, he says
With a pint in hand and a dry stilletto
Parks his ass on a stool and tells them
His stories of in-between, the outback
Min Min lights and the Visitor he saw

Never was a man so incognito, he says
The night has fallen low, the bar flies
Will insist on buying him many drinks
He will struggle for less than a minute
Tomorrow is only Thursday, excuse him
He needs the dark to get ready. Thank you.

© 2014 Rob Schackne

1 comment:

  1. The setting for me has echoes of something out of the wilds of Texas or New Mexico - definitely not Tom Waits hanging out with lowlife barflies at Nighthawks - but I know that the Min Min lights are legendary apparitions of the scrub / desert areas of central Australia. This dude appears to be quite a tough yet mysterious cookie, ready to fling his blade at any noxious bandido who farts upwind. A bad ass Aboriginal who blends into the night sky and who thrives on the darkness of his domain ? And to "get ready" for what ? Yikes !? : Greg