Friday, April 24, 2015

POEM: "But You See It, Don't You?"

But You See It, Don't You?

The clouds perfect, reflected
in a pristine watercourse. Sunny
and warm. Interesting breeze off the hills.
They (the old ones) sit outside in the sun.
But every place there is a shop, people
scattering sunflower seeds and waiting
for the next busloads of you and me.
And you wonder, why duplicate beauty
and why do it like that? It was just itself
and minding its own business, like a cat.
No point to anything but its own rest.
But if you can take a photo of something
the people want to look at, it's real money.
(Spirit was moved, it took a real deep breath)
Money that the perfect clouds tried to stop
with intemperate rain. They thunderstruck 
the village, asking for it to listen up and mop.
To no avail. The river grew rubbish. Plants died.
Today, they (the young ones) spend their days
snotting on the steps, or fast asleep. Tomorrow
it's about their phones trying to talk with ghosts.

© 2015 Rob Schackne

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