Saturday, August 29, 2015

POEM: "When The City Goes Dark Brown"

When The City Goes Dark Brown

An eerie brown light tonight
gnomes churning out the coal
their feet intent on dimming
the all-clear wholesome air

The mood is heavy street lamps
the cars are stopped by rockfall
the hoodoo flags the imagination
(I think the gnomes know better)

In this deliberate night of ours
every year the same argument
where darkness gives new eyes
& the odd tear falls in deep places

We discuss the B-flat world
she said it denoted comfort
it was our first date so I demur
(it’s true I sleep better when it rains)

I don't mention the scattered love
vuvuzoolas blatting out of autos
world-wide air-conditioners dull hums
in the ordinary winds of the world

I cut back listen for another note
look at my wall at the Tibetan mask
hanging in blood ringed with skulls
what I am reminded of forgetting

Fire & wind friction of moving parts
inside the daily machinery of our lives
the message the appeal that’s lost us
this other music stored in silence.

© 2013 Rob Schackne

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