Wednesday, August 19, 2015

POEM: "Trust In Me (If You Can)"

Trust In Me (If You Can)

                                        for Jack Heseltine

No referees in a game that
Has no beginning and no end

On a scrambled field of hope
After half-time or just before

Ex-Croatian national team
Not just another sack of shit

When 2 years later I played
Elbows and feet to his 6 foot 3

Now these words on a page
Is a poem like a bee sting?

The war zone and the refugees
Games played with brutal rope

The electricity was lethal
I had misjudged my step

Did Plato ever guarantee
The one authentic voice?

Did Thamus actually believe
That Thoth of the sacred ibis

Invented writing as a whip
Or martial football, any game?

I wouldn’t trust any poem
Farther than I could throw it.

© 2012 Rob Schackne

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