Wednesday, March 19, 2014

POEM: "Walking Down The Street"

Walking Down The Street

                                          for Tim Hetherington & Chris Hondros

Meet my gaze, it's only natural
Look at me as you would a friend
Wait on the way to child or lover
Boss or belligerence, sacred duty

In the family village compound
In Afghanistan, you shot bandits
What do you carry a knife for
When the fruits are all dried?

But my kingdom is a horse
My shoulders, all my humours
I do not count your invisible steps
Or the invisible weights you carry

Afterwards, after the cordite
There's always at least one starer
Beyond the buildings, a hard ship
She's fondling a brick like a future

I will follow you, it's how we move
Till we both gallop across the field
Opposite the glances that break it
A fierce young horse in the yard

The shoes and my silk dressing gown
You know how I yearned for softness
The rounds are closer now, a shit-fight
No better cover here, I run, good night.

© 2011 Rob Schackne

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