Wednesday, May 20, 2015

POEM: "About Reticence"

About Reticence

                                 for R.S.

Tears, runny nose
the snot, the kisses
the railing on a pier

3pm of an afternoon
birdshit is everywhere
how did it get to this
supposed to be farewell
gulls, rattus aerealis, suck
on the desiccated beach
old thong, paper wrapper
our last loving, the sun
it celebrates our lives

I need to get some gas
and nothing stirs but pity.                     


Well, there's a place
for reticence in poetry
I can’t tell you now but
the truth is ever so precise
like a screw to a screwdriver
it follows a modest grain
now breathe and wait a sec
maybe it's better to be lost
you ever take a trip on a poet
and their will looks wobbly
don't walk on hot coals with
them they won’t hold back
not much good with love
you can relax all you want.

© 2015 Rob Schackne

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