Monday, May 4, 2015

POEMS: "Poems Of There's No Tomorrow"

Poems Of There's No Tomorrow

                                              These words say this
                                                  and these words don't.

                                                  Louis C.K.


No it's hell and it seems
the guitar is warped the effort
reaches a point I don't care anymore
do the work write like a motherfucker
it pans out there will be a harbour
only not the one I steered for
no there will be strange music
waiting between a promise and a pity
and do I believe that I'll be joyful
monkeys dancing on the pier
and a woman wearing a set of eyes
who brings some wild soup to share
the sun like it belonged to no one else


Yes it's a bizarro poem
and hatred for this art
and everybody who does it
makes for heavy reading
after the first thirteen faces
yes there's the itches and scratches
when next week the car crashes
it's totalled and although I'm OK
the poem in the backseat is injured
now bizarro means it's nothing
this poem crawls away from me


Water calligraphy
it's not flowers or light

might be a level head
could be a madman
wishing to debate
the invisible
it disappears as soon
as sense arrives
I walk past smiling
that there was ever joy
how does anyone
write to evaporate
passing readers
see the water see the air
watch the brush
it stays it leaves
the bucket the piss
he moves away
people disperse
he wrote a little

© 2015 Rob Schackne

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