Thursday, February 11, 2016

POEM: "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep"

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

The mountain gives up its dead
as the old sea gives up its dead

As the new street lamps come on
the music started you kissed me

The shooting galleries opened
the clowns still walked on stilts

The rides begin to scream
once I was twelve years old

I lean towards the message
someone I believe is waiting

Nearby the streets are shining
on other screens other dreams

Now I've got to go goodnight
and if I should die before I wake

And if the birds sing all the night
and my wary eyes see no threats

I pray the Lord my soul to take
dashing out into the just light

A few debts from perfection
the world that struck me was good.

© 2016 Rob Schackne

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