Wednesday, April 13, 2016

POEM: "Baby"


I can't hold it much longer
there's no sexual healing
no graduated improvement
no tender beauty to change your life
from frog to swan, tiger or wolf

Come to me like yourself, yes
a woman who knows her mind
who has grown as big as she'll get
yes, make me a wonder like her
send me someone to hold

And I guess we'll try hard to love
talk of all of the animals we've been
of the things that came out wrong
waiting fifty years for love, and
twenty years for a great song

I walk a dark and dusty road
I come to a crossroads
there are two ways to go
(I cannot go back)
one way is the right way

The other is the right way too
the wind rustles in the trees
I spin around, eyes closed
I walk down a dark road
and go in another direction.

© 2016 Rob Schackne

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