Friday, December 26, 2014

POEM: "Live At The Kanpur Station"

Live At The Kanpur Station

If it's the winter solstice today, then light
tomorrow will last three seconds longer

And if by bad luck you keep your calendar
some nights had better disappear forever

The Monkey Mind and Its Hopping Motives
is it better to be unknowable than popular?

Not even sure that we live in a secular age
we can’t be that stupid unless we mean to

No creature should be left behind, none
should be hungry or ignorant of danger

Do I even believe confusion was a fake egg
and all we have left in our yard is no feathers?

Better to love and burn, to crash and lose
than cross these tracks and miss the sun

A monkey rescues its electrocuted friend
and here we sit scratching this abiding itch

The days get hotter and the clocks get broken
if one dream at a time, then just more time.

A great beggar has spoken, then two idlers
then a philosopher with a restless camera.

                                                    December 22, 2014

© 2014 Rob Schackne

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